OmniTimer ... the timer for any purpose
OmniTimer is a general purpose timer. You can create as many own timers with OmniTimer as you want. A timer can contain several sub-timer, with which you can set different time sequences, e.g. such as in a Tabata workout timer with 20 seconds workout and 10 seconds recovery, or as in the Qi Gong meditation, where each of the five elements ( wood, fire, earth, metal and water ) is taken for a certain period of time. Furthermore, you can freely define the number of repetitions ( laps and sets ). Where the sequence, sounds, colors, images, flash light function and duration of the sub-timer can change at each lap and set. With the flash light function - whose color can be individually set - OmniTimer is also perfect for the deaf. The self-created timer can be sent via e-mail to other users of OmniTimer.

With the OmniTimer app the following predefined timers are provided.


  1. Tabata

  2. HIIT


  1. Jing Qi Shen

  2. Qi Gong

  3. Zhun Zhang

Time management

  1. Pomodoro

Hot drinks

  1. Tea

  2. Coffee


  1. Laughter Yoga

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